Chapter 10. Multiple Currencies

Table of Contents

10.1. Basic Concepts
10.2. Account Setup
10.2.1. User-Defined Currencies
10.3. Recording/Updating Currency Exchange (How-To)
10.3.1. Manually Updating Exchange Rates
10.3.2. Automatic Updating Exchange Rates (How-To)
10.3.3. Disabling Exchange Rate Retrieval
10.4. Recording Purchases in a Foreign Currency (How-To)
10.4.1. Purchase of an asset with foreign currency
10.4.2. Purchasing foreign stocks
10.4.3. Purchasing foreign stock with a domestic account
10.5. Tracking Currency Investments (How-To)
10.5.1. Purchasing a currency investment
10.5.2. Selling a currency investment
10.6. Reconciling Statements in a Foreign Currency (How-To)
10.7. Putting It All Together (Examples)
10.7.1. Basic scenario
10.7.2. Configure Accounts
10.7.3. Opening Balance
10.7.4. Purchase a house
10.7.5. Stock Purchasing
10.7.6. Get the online quotes
10.7.7. Lending money to a friend
10.7.8. Buying property in New Zealand with a loan from Japan
10.7.9. Whats next?

This chapter will show you how to setup your GnuCash accounts to use multiple currencies.