Chapter 4. Transactions

Table of Contents

4.1. Basic Concepts
4.2. The Account Register
4.2.1. Simple Transaction
4.2.2. Split Transaction
4.2.3. Features of the Account Register
4.3. Choosing a Register Style
4.4. Using Entry Shortcuts
4.5. Reconciliation
4.5.1. Reconcile windows
4.6. Scheduled Transactions
4.6.1. Creating from the Ledger
4.6.2. Creating from the Editor
4.7. Putting It All Together
4.7.1. Open GnuCash file
4.7.2. Opening Balances
4.7.3. Additional Transaction Examples
4.7.4. Save file
4.7.5. Reports

This chapter will give you the basic information you need to understand and use transactions in GnuCash. Whereas accounts are the framework and structure of a chart of accounts, transactions are the data which fills each account.