Chapter 8. Reports And Charts

Table of Contents

8.1. General Reports
8.2. Assets & Liabilities
8.3. Income & Expense
8.4. Business Reports
8.5. Customizing Reports and Graphs
8.6. Printing or Exporting Reports and Graphs
8.7. Creating Reports and Graphs

This section is a work in process all of the material has not been reviewed for V2.0. While it may not be strictly accurate, it is at least a "guide".

Reports and Charts give GnuCash the ability to present an overview of financial data in various ways. This can range from a simple summary of account totals to an advanced portfolio view. This section will present an explanation of the main GnuCash reports and how to adjust them.

GnuCash has classified the main types of reports into four major classes. These are all available under the Reports menu.