B.3. Using GnuCash

B.3.1. Q: How can I move the transactions from account A into account B, thus combining them?

A: At present, GnuCash does not offer a way to move groups of splits from one account to another. You will need to move them one at a time. Open the register for account A and select the pulldown menu item ViewTransaction Journal to expose all the splits. For every split where the Account field shows account A reset it to account B. To do this quickly and safely, first use Ctrl+C to copy the destination account name (account B) to the clipboard. Then highlight each reference to account A by double clicking on it and use Ctrl+V to paste the destination account name. Pressing Enter after each paste, silently moves the transaction out of the register.

Be careful! If you inadvertently set the Account field to an unintended location, you will need to search through all your accounts to find the lost transaction to correct your mistake.

B.3.2. Q: Is it possible to merge two GnuCash files?

A: At present this is not possible.

B.3.3. Q: How can I save a template of my account structure?

A: This is available from the menu: FileExportExport Accounts

B.3.4. Q: When I search for customers (or anything else for that matter), how can I return a list of everything?

A: Enter a search criteria of matches regex, and place a single dot . in the text field area. Then, click Find. The regular expression . means to match anything.

B.3.5. Q: How can I record a transaction on different dates (actual date and bank date)?

A: You record the transaction on the date you write the check or initiate the transaction. When it clears the bank, you can click in the Reconciled field to clear the transaction (change the non-reconciled to cleared).