GnuCash 2.4 Small Business Accounting

GnuCash 2.4 small business accounting

L'équipe de développement GnuCash a été informée qu'un nouveau livre a été publié par PacktPub, UK :

GnuCash 2.4 Small Business Accounting, par Ashok Ramachandran.

Le guide du débutant pour gérer ses comptes.

Notre propre développeur Christian Stimming a contribué à ce livre en tant que critique, et nous pouvons recommander de tout cœur le résultat de cette collaboration fructueuse. N’hésitez pas à regarder ce livre à, et, mieux encore, l’éditeur s’est engagé à allouer un certain pourcentage des ventes de livres au projet GnuCash. Amusez-vous avec ce livre!

Writing GnuCash Documentation

If you are interested in improving the GnuCash documentation, you have come to the right place. This page will provide you with the necessary information to get started.

Just as the GnuCash application has been developed over time by volunteers, so too has the documentation been written by volunteer developers and users to help others learn how GnuCash works. This collaborative effort has resulted in the creation of two major documents, the Help Manual and the Tutorial and Concepts Guide.

The GnuCash community welcomes assistance in maintaining and improving both the program and its documentation. If you are interested in helping write, edit or translate GnuCash's documentation, this page gives guidance on how to get set up to join the effort.

The GnuCash documentation can be viewed and downloaded from the Documentation page.


La documentation GnuCash est stockées dans des fichiers xml. Plus précisément, elle utilise le système docbook. C'est un système relativement flexible qui utilise les fichiers xml files comme une entrée et peut générer une documentation dans plusieurs formats de sortie (html, pdf …).

Si vous souhaitez revoir ou écrire la documentation de GnuCash, vous aurez besoin de connaître le xml. Quelques connaissances de base sur le système docbook peuvent être également utiles.

Les liens suivants pointent vers des sites qui peuvent aider.

Nous suggérons également l'inscription à gnucash-devel.

Guides de documentation Gnome

Comme expliqué par ailleurs, les nouvelles documentations sont basées sur le système docbook. Celles et ceux qui souhaitent aider peuvent lire ces guides pour savoir comment contribuer à la documentation.

Où obtenir la source de documentation

You will need a recent copy of the documentation source. For this you can check out the documentation module from the gnucash-docs git repository. Reviewers could also start from the current docs tarball.

For those not familiar with git, the GnuCash wiki has a description tailored to the GnuCash code. To get the documentation source instead of the program source, replace 'gnucash' with 'gnucash-docs' in the mentioned git commands, like this:

git clone

There are two major GnuCash documentation packages to help users: the Help Manual and the Tutorial and Concepts Guide. With the above command, the source code of both will be downloaded.


Get a copy of the documentation source as described above and start making changes. When you are satisfied with your changes you can create a patch by running the following command in the base directory of the documentation (usually gnucash-docs, unless you renamed it):

git diff > my-patch-name.patch

Next attach your patch to a bug report against the proper component for the Documentation product in GnuCash' bug database. See also GnuCash' wiki page on bugzilla for more details about patch submission.

NOTE: It used to be ok also to send your patch directly to the gnucash-devel list. This is discouraged now, as a patch is easily forgotten between the many list discussions. Attach patches to bugs in Bugzilla instead (either an existing bug or a new one). If you insist on sending a patch to gnucash-devel, it should be attached, not inlined.

Please let other writers know which section you wish to tackle. Please forward this to gnucash-devel so that people can say 'hey I'm doing that already' or 'go ahead and do it'.

You may also want to retain a local copy of the old documentation to refer to when writing. This still has a lot of useful information in it which hasn't been transferred to the new docs.


Obtenir une copie de la source de la documentation tel que décrit ci-dessus et commencez à la commenter.

The best way of retaining comments about docs in an easy to find way for everyone would be to use to file the bugs under documentation. This can also be done using bug-buddy.

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