Capitolo 10. Resoconti


10.1. In generale
10.2. Saved Reports Configurations Concepts
10.3. Standard Reports Overview
10.3.1. Assets & Liabilities Group
10.3.2. Budget Group
10.3.3. Business Group
10.3.4. Income & Expense Group
10.3.5. Sample & Custom Group
10.3.6. Other Reports

GnuCash is a powerful double entry accounting software package that allows users to enter and track their money in a reliable manner. However, putting this information into GnuCash is only a part of the process. To be truly helpful, you need to be able to extract this information in meaningful ways. GnuCash's reporting features allow you to just that.

GnuCash's reporting features allow you to display nearly any group of transactions in a wide variety of formats. This makes it easy to answer questions about your finances, such as "How much did I spend on groceries last month?" or "How much did I earn in the previous six months?"

GnuCash includes a number of common report types, which can be modified to meet your specific needs. If these common reports are insufficient, it is possible to modify or even write your own custom reports (although this is not recommended for beginners).