1.4. Getting More Help

1.4.1. Online Help

The online help is the counterpart to this guide. It provides the detailed instructions for using GnuCash's menus, windows, and controls. To open online help, select HelpContents .

1.4.2. GnuCash Wiki

An immense amount of less-formal documenation, both of GnuCash itself and its maintenance and development may be found in the GnuCash Wiki; the Frequently Asked Questions page should be a first stop whenever you encounter difficulty using GnuCash.

1.4.3. GnuCash On-line Assistance

Mailing List

The primary source of user support is the user mailing list. If you prefer a web forum-like presentation, you can use it via Nabble. One must subscribe before posting, even if using Nabble.


Several of the developers monitor the #gnucash channel at irc.gnome.org. They're usually doing something else, too, and of course aren't always at their computers. Log in, ask your question, and stay logged in; it may be several hours before your question is noticed and responded to. To see if you missed anything check the IRC logs.

The GnuCash web site has more details on these channels. You will also find pointers there to additional useful resources such as the GnuCash wiki and bug tracking system.