6.10. Setting the reconcile status (R field) of a transaction

In the GnuCash register there is a column named R. This field indicates the status of a transaction. Possible values are:


Default status when a transaction is created


Cleared. Status may be assigned either manually or by an import process.


Status assigned solely by the reconciliation process (see Sezione 5.8, «Riconciliare un conto a un estratto conto»). Places limits optionally requiring confirmation on editing fields in that line of a transaction.


Frozen. Not implemented at this time


Voided. Status is assigned or released manually through the transaction menu (Sezione, «Registro del conto - Menu Transazione») to a transaction and applies to every line in the transaction. It hides most of the transaction details but does not delete them. When a transaction is voided a reason entry is required that appears to the right of the description.