GnuCash 2.4 Small Business Accounting

GnuCash 2.4 small business accounting

GnuCash 開発チームは PacktPub, UK から出版された新しい本に関する通知を受け取りました。

GnuCash 2.4 Small Business Accounting, Ashok Ramachandran著.


我々自身の開発者である Christian Stimming 氏が査読者としてこの本に貢献しており、私たちは心からこの実りの多い協力の結果を推薦することができます。packtpub.comでこの本を自由に試し読みできます。そして、更に出版社は本の売り上げの数パーセントをGnuCashプロジェクトに割り当てることを約束しました。この本で楽しんでください!


[Transaction Association Dialog]
  • A new Transaction Association dialog, available from the Update Association for Transaction menu item that has replaced the two association items in 3.x, allows setting, changing, and deleting associations.
  • A symbol (paperclip for files, chain links for URLS) is now displayed in the Associations column (visible in double-line mode) in the register in place of the letters when a transaction has an association. This doesn't work on MacOS.
  • Associations may now be added to bills, credit notes, invoices, and vouchers. The actual association when present is added as a link button which is shown below the notes.

  • New type-ahead search is added to sequential search when selecting an account or an Action in the register: Instead of typing the first few characters of a top level account, the separator, the first few characters of the next level account and so on you may instead type a few characters of any part of a full account name and the drop-list will be filtered to contain only matching accounts. Once you have a small enough list you can use the arrow keys to select the account that you want.


A new separate executable, gnucash-cli (gnucash-cli.exe on Microsoft Windows) for doing command-line things like updating the prices in your book. gnucash-cli gains the ability to run reports from the command line. Specify reports to run by name or guid. It also provides an export format and an output file name without which it will output the report to stdout.

  • gnucash-cli --report run --name=[reportname/guid] datafile.gnucash
  • gnucash-cli --report run --name=[reportname/guid] --output-file=x.html datafile.gnucash
  • gnucash-cli --report run --name=[reportname/guid] --output-file=x.html --export-type=TYPE datafile.gnucash

gnucash-cli --help will display a screen listing all of the available commands and their options.

The GUI program, gnucash, still responds to the options it always has, though --get-price-quotes is deprecated in favor of gnucash-cli --quotes get.








新機能および API の変更点の完全なリストはリリースノートをご覧ください。

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