Chapter 11. Setting Up the Quote Retrieval

Table of Contents

11.1. Installing Perl
11.2. Installing Finance::Quote
11.3. Using gnucash-cli for Testing and Automation.
11.3.1. Displaying the Finance::Quote Version and Supported Sources
11.3.2. Displaying Quotes in a Terminal Window
11.3.3. Updating Quotes Automatically with gnucash-cli


If you have more than a couple of commodities, you will tire of having to update their quotes constantly. GnuCash has the ability to automatically download the most recent quote for your commodities using the Internet. This is accomplished through the Perl module Finance::Quote, which must be installed in order to activate this feature.

Prerequisites for an Online Quote update with Finance::Quote are


If you get stuck while performing the steps described here, you can reach many helpful users on the channels mentioned under Section 2.1.4, “GnuCash On-line Assistance”.

You can also leave out this step and manually update your stock quotes.