GnuCash 2.4 Small Business Accounting

GnuCash 2.4 small business accounting

GnuCash 開發團隊收到了英國 PacktPub 出版社的新書通知:

《GnuCash 2.4 Small Business Accounting》, Ashok Ramachandran 著.


Our own developer Christian Stimming has been contributing to this book as a reviewer, and we can wholeheartly recommend the outcome of this fruitful collaboration. Feel free to have a look at this book over at, and, best of all, the publisher has committed to allocate some percentage of the book sales back to the GnuCash project. Have fun with this book!


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Version 3.11 is the last version for Windows 7 and MacOS 10.12 and earlier.

Version 2.6.21 is the last version for Windows XP/Vista and MacOS X 10.8 and earlier, and so the last version that will run on PowerPC Macs.

GnuCash 是個人或小型企業用的財務軟體,依 GNU GPL 免費授權,支援 GNU/Linux、BSD、Solaris、Mac OS X 及 Microsoft Windows。

GnuCash 不僅設計成易於使用,而且功能強大又有彈性。它可以追蹤銀行帳戶、股票、收入與支出,就像用帳簿一樣快捷、直覺。基於專業的會計原則確保帳目平衡並提供準確的報表。

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GnuCash 4.0 Released

We've released GnuCash 4.0 with many bugfixes and improvements including some great new features!

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